Catalyst Activ Q18 for physical and chemical processes

  Catalyst Activ Q18


The Q18 catalyst improves the efficiency of the combustion process of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels in various types of boilers, engines and installations producing thermal energy.

Power engineering:
- Pulverised boilers
- Grate boilers
- Gas boilers
- Oil boilers
- Sea
- Car
- Heavy equipment
- District heating plants
- lime kilns
- Bituminous masses
- Cement
- Steelworks
- Nitrogen plants
- Industrial boilers

• Reduce fuel consumption by 4% and 12%
• Reduction of harmful gases NOx, SOx, CO, CO2
• Boiler efficiency and work stability
• Maintaining the internal surface of boilers in good technical condition
• Gradual elimination of smoking during combustion